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So, we can conclude that it is only a racing game full of fun, entertainment, thrill, technique, and more properties like this.

Mario Kart Tour Apk
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Name Mario Kart Tour Apk
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Genre Action
Version v2.14.0
MOD Unlimited Money
Size 136.63 MB
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Total installs 100,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 3+
Price FREE
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Updated On July 28, 2022

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Mario Kart Tour ApkMario Kart Tour ApkMario Kart Tour APK is an advanced mobile game that Nintendo developed. It is the series of the world's best famous game "Mario Kart," and it is the ninth series. It was firstly released in the year 2019. The best thing about this game is that it is free for all users worldwide. You can play this game with other members sitting across the globe. All you need to do is download this game from the google play store for your mobile device and your PC.

Along with playing with a single player, You can also play with many players by selecting the multiplayer modes option available on its setting. If any user is new to this game and wants to be a champion in this game, they can learn it from the start by seeing its video lectures, which are available on it "how to play."

It is an incredible kart race you can play with your favorite character. Now You can drive your kart to show your best racing skills to the game players. You have to participate in different tracks. You can now earn many more coins from these tracks, which are used as game currency in Mario Kart Tour. From these collected coins, you can unlock your new tracks, more advanced karts, and many more advanced things in this game.

You can even speed up your race with more bonuses earned while playing a good game. After getting coins and bonuses, you can get special badges if you perform well in the game. In the last stage of your high ranking or position in the gameplay, you are written as a name of Hero.

In Mario Kart Tour, all the game players are called to power up their game and develop a lot of boots while playing the game. You can now explore many more vehicles (Karts), more advanced tour paths, and upgraded features. In this advanced game of Mario, all the characters in the game will compete with one another in the races, which are being played worldwide.

You have to fight each other to show your winning skills for the trophy available in front of all players. By seeing this trophy, everyone shows their good talent to win the game trophy. The user interface of this game is so simple that you can design your car yourself. You can start the race on these beautiful paths with this new branded car. These path characters have the beautiful designs of the world's best cities, i.e., Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, London, New York, and many more big cities.

Mario Kart Tour Apk

Features of Mario Kart Tour

If you are a beginner or an experienced Mario player, keep in mind these tips While playing the game.

  • More Controls

While playing the game, you must play all the characters in each method. After taking the views from all the used methods, only choose that method which 100 % fits you. Along with choosing players, you must choose that specific control that performs well for you, not focus on that which suits the others.

  • Good Graphics and Sound System

This game offers you to use good graphics and an advanced sound system. It offers the most impressive 3D graphics. All these graphics are made only for android devices. In addition to that, you can listen most attractive and intensive audio.

  • Choose the Right Driver

In this gaming application (Mario Kart Tour), all drivers are available for final selection before any ride. But many new updated drivers are added which have their racing skills compared to others, proving the best for winning the game. You must pay attention to your selection abilities, and these must be focused on before starting any race.

  • Play with anyone at any time

In this game, all the players are explained to choose their selected gameplay, which will also show to other players. You have an option to play as a single player, or you can choose to play having multiplayer mode or with your family members and friends. Those who love to play this game solo can enjoy it according to their interests. If you are considering playing it with your family member and friends, you can enjoy it. If you are a pro gamer or you have abilities to beat more players during online play, you can grow very fast and earn more rewards and coins.

  • Epic Take Off

When your rider (character) starts the selected race, he focuses on gaining the maximum speed at the start of the game. To get this maximum speed at first, he uses a rocket. As the race starts, remove your finger from the available "Go" button.

  • It takes you to the world Tour

This game is made in such a way playing, and every player thinks that they are participating in the game, which is being played across the globe. So, Mario and his friends straightforwardly show racing.

  • Multiple Racing Modes

You can enjoy more tournaments by completing the win from the four different players, and it will lead to earning much more rewards and prizes. You can use your skills to get the win against your next player. If a new member is introduced in this game and is not an extra fit to play it, they can upgrade their improvements by using "Time Trail races." It is the best opportunity for new players. For those players who want to look at their racing skills with their family members and friends, then "VS Race Mode" is for you. Along with this, there are also numerous more modes that you can try while using this gaming application.

  • Much more fun

More users can love this application just for only its more fun and entertainment. You can do many activities while playing the application. It is the best feature out of all features of this game.

  • More Karts for each player

Additionally, while choosing a player for the gameplay, you can easily choose the best vehicle for your character. You can choose a variety of vehicles by selecting one out of available karts, i.e., and you can choose a horse, motorcycle, and a glider with your character Zelda. All this is done after unlocking this feature by getting more coins and rewards in racing.

Mario Kart Tour Apk


So, we can conclude that it is only a racing game full of fun, entertainment, thrill, technique, and more properties like this. It is the best fit for all ages of people, from children to young players can play this. It is full of the best graphics and sound system. Additionally, we have posted all the details here to ease users. We are offering here apk file for you. You need to download it from here, install it and explore the new world of racing with a lot of fun.




Is Mario Kart Tour safe to play?

This game is 100% safe and secure. It is because of its advanced scanning from the best software. So, it is a safe application to download and also to play this game without any doubt.

Is this game available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, their latest version is playable on both devices, i.e., android and ios platforms.

Can I play Mario Kart Tour APK on a PC or laptop?

Unfortunately, with its latest version, you can only play this game only on your smartphones. So, you cannot use this application on a PC or laptop.

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