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Pink Youtube APK
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Name Pink Youtube APK
Developer Google LLC
Genre Social
Version v19.05.35
MOD Unlimited Money
Size 107.22 MB
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Total installs 100,000,000+
Rated Years Rated for 3+
Price FREE
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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Pink Youtube APK Is an app that enjoys a fun experience with the official YouTube app. In the present era, the internet is upgrading our lives in many ways. With the internet, you can easily access multiple websites and apps that deliver many features. Still, this app can also take advantage of YouTube with various unique features.

It is an upgraded version of a very famous video content sharing application. It gives you complete access to explore all of the youtube official features. Video ads and any ads are also blocked while watching or before watching the video. It is safe to use. You can easily download any type of video from this tool in any video quality.

What Is Pink Youtube APK

Features of Pink Youtube APK

Limited Data Usage

You have to select an option to limit your mobile data usage, and it can save your data or MBs. All the videos can be seen with low quality by tapping this option to save the user's mobile data. When using Wifi, you can easily turn this option OFF to see full-resolution videos.

Pink Colored Theme

As clearly observed from the name, Pink YouTube also has a pink-coloured theme. This amazing colour is so unexpected that it is very exciting for every user. Users can enjoy this colour and watch the YouTube videos because this upgradation of the new theme has made things very interesting. You can also experience the new and advanced version of official YouTube with this coloured theme.

Get Recommendation

It will suggest to you the videos which you love the most. The videos you have searched for and completely watched will be added to your recommendation list.

Suppose you love to see horror and thrilling movies. In that case, your recommendation list will only show that specific videos with an idea about the adventurous, horror and themes of scientific research.

Videos in Background

Because of Pink Youtube Apk, You can even play videos in the background while doing anything. You can enjoy the YouTube videos, which can be achieved by playing youtube in the background. This app is a good option for background purposes because you will never ask to keep your youtube app open to listen to music and play videos. The recommended videos will keep playing and running even if you open another file or app and start working on it.

Screen Brightness

If your screen brightness is causing disturbance for you and hearting your eyes a lot, you can easily select the screen brightness from the above-given notification area. You can easily adjust the Brightness of your videos being played with just a single click. All this Brightness can be easily varied and confirmed according to your choice.

Free Dark Mode

The Dark mode is available on this application which is very important if you have a bit weak eyesight or by using it for much while, and your eyes hurt easily. You can easily turn dark mode and operate this app without worrying about your eyes. This mode will Create a balance between your android phone screen and your eyes if you are using your smartphone and enjoying multiple videos at night in the dark. You will never have to see a completely white screen that contains too much Brightness that affects your view sight.

No Ads

 This advanced version of pink YouTube will not show any advertisement in any videos. So watch as many videos which will be free from any ads. Videos of any length will be seen without showing any kinds of ads.

Videos in Loop

All these videos can be easily played in a complete loop with the help of this APK. The videos you will watch can be easily playable in the form of straight loops. The specific video will continue playing multiple times when you adjust all the videos on loop mode. You can select any video that will continue playing in the loop.

No Restriction

 In many YouTube videos, you get the notification of the restricted age and the country in that area. But with a pink YouTube apk, you will not suffer the limitation of the age and country in that area. So, keep on enjoying this amazing feature.

Double Tap

 Instead of closing the played videos and application, you can directly put your app to sleep by double-clicking on the screen. Tap anywhere on the screen of this application, and YouTube will go to sleep at once.

Repeat Videos

This is also an amazing feature of Youtube Pink that you can watch any video for an unlimited time. Once the video has been completed, you can easily watch these again and again, or the video will replay again. The best feature of it is it also operates when you listen to your best songs and other audios.

Watch TV

You can freely enjoy youtube on your TV. By doing so, your Television needs to have the same internet access or Wifi-network as your phone has. You can also enjoy your TV and Phone using a single TV code.

Auto Play Mode

This is one of the amazing features out of all other features of this version of Youtube. In this version, you can easily set videos to automatic play mode. This means once a video has been completed, another video related to the first will be played automatically without tapping or doing anything. This feature is very helpful when you are enjoying music.

What Is Pink Youtube APK


I like Pink YouTube Apk because it plays many songs or music even in the background mode of any application. This feature was missed in all other versions of YouTube.

Along with these awesome features, there are many other features of this app that you can enjoy, for example, controlling the Brightness through sliding over the screen and much more. It provides users with the facility to make use of more advanced features without paying anything in return. 


What is the best feature of it?

There are almost every feature is very best out of all others. But playing youtube in its background is one of its best features.

Is it safe to use Pink Youtube APK?

Yes, it is completely safe to use easily. There are no chances of errors and bugs.

Can we download it to our pc?

Yes, you can automatically download pc supported files from the internet that will work properly on your computer.

Is Pink Youtube Available for iOS devices?

No, there is not any version of ios devices supported. So, you can not use it on your apple devices.

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